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I will not be lazy this Spring.
(2005-04-08) 16:58

I'm slightly more busy than I have ever been, now that I have a show on KDVS (radio) with Jenn every Thursday on top of working with the Aggie (newspaper). It's okay...I figure with KDVS, it's only two days out of the week, while the Aggie is also two days (nights) too, so that makes 4 days out of 5. Is that a lot? However it's going to be fundraiser week at KDVS which was going to be slightly more hellish since we're required to do phone shifts for people calling in to donate. It's going to be a huge bonding experience but I'm going to be spending a TON of time at the station. I know this from experience last year. This is on top of a 16-unit class workload. At least this time I have an art class. No real "studying" there. Just reading and doing art projects with a co-worker of mine!

There is really no other exciting news. Except that I'm in a KDVS commercial that's going to be aired in Sacramento.

I have decided it's good to be busy. That way, I will spend less time moping about how my life is lacking in other ways.

You know what I mean.

I'm glad I have something to do most of the school week. Maybe I really am going somewhere. Now it's the weekend. Maybe I should do work. Or I could just stay here until it's time to go do my usual thing on Friday nights.

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