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it's becoming too hot to sleep
(2005-07-12) 02:26

This warm room is frying my brain. I can't think. The problem is though... I can't not think either.

I am taking over my other roommate's room because he's gone on to some trip in Europe and I am in Davis in a 2-bedroom apartment and there are 3 girls. So it makes sense I've been in exile here. But it's scary sometimes because I'm in HIS room, not MINE. His room has this one strange flapping blind that keeps periodically flying up and down -- only ONE. It's almost like someone is tapping on it. I have come to the conclusion his room is haunted.

Other than that I haven't been doing much in my college -- just enrolled in one course. I spend the rest of my days smelling like chlorine but I have now a deeper appreciation for night swims and cool nights. I enjoy nights better now because it cools me drastically and my car is not so hot and I don't have to share the road with so many others. It is almost the time where things are more exciting than it really is -- especially when you're not supposed to be doing it. mostly, I'm too lazy to think of exciting things to do during the day. The day I managed to drive Helen and myself to Sacramento, everyone else supposedly did, too. I'm running out of ideas.

At least I have someone around to keep me inspired and inventive. I like these little distractions... since if it was only up to me, I would hardly get out of bed enough to do anything at all. But this "other" person effect really pushes me outside my comfort zone.

I'm getting up and doing what I'm supposed to do! (In this case, it's to study for at least a little bit for my upcoming midterm. Because it's embarassing to fail when you're only in class 8 hours a week. Or less because it's so boring you take naps while the professor's professing)

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