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Making faces at strangers
(2004-04-09) 03:09

My roommate walked in and left. I suspect she just came back from the frat party because I saw her at the first (and will probably be my last) frat party I ever went to. Tonight, they had a party at the same exact frat.

Did I ever mention my distaste for fraternities?

I am glad I never decided to get involved. I didn't end up getting brainwashed. I ended up with my own separate life.

I wonder if it's a bad idea to decide to live close to your boyfriend for the next school year. It's spring...there's still quite a while before fall quarter. What if something happens? At least I didn't decide to actually live with him. But the house we found...I'd be pretty close. Not too close though. Just enough distance for a bit of inconvenience if I ever want to not go over to his place.

I am thinking I am digging much too far into this.

It's just a place to live.

And besides, I'll have to get through summer with him first. Summer with him in Scotland.

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