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(2003-07-03) 17:54

I have too many of those notepads from CELEBREX, you know, samples from the pharmaceutal reps that come in to the clinic. I've only worked for 3 days though, and already I'm under this immense pressure. Not that I think I'm going to get FIRED, really. Hey well, disappointment is worse. I don't want them to think that I'm just another...typical...teenager starting out.

Family situation isn't any better. But I think I can still manage to be happy in an unhappy situation.

The damage is too deep. I can only go down further, and make more mistakes. It's endless.

I don't talk to Will as much as I'd like. But that may be for the best, so there'll be some distance until I sort things out between him and I. I don't want to go into something I don't want to.

This is particularly because of this annoying crush I have on someone else. I keep daydreaming about HIM, though it's probably not right. Well, I can't control my mind in those matters.

Rilo Kiley. He is going to be at the show. I wanted Will to drive me there, but I thought about how unwise that would be. Hmph.

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