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The extremely late that it's early radio show
(2004-04-13) 05:03

It looks like I won't be getting any sleep tonight/this morning seeing as it is already past 5 in the morning and I'll have to be awake for about 4 more hours before I can finally sleep. By 9am, I will be here at the station for 12 hours.

So in less than an hour I'll be on air. 6 to 8:30am. People will wake up to my music, my voice. I will babble on with no rest in me while people are just yawning with a full night's rest. I am jealous of those listeners! They better call in!

"Good morning! You're listening to KDVS 90.3FM in Davis and this is your host, Reverb. Send your thoughts, requests or just general comments to me by calling ------," I'll say with forced euthusiasm when all I want to do is crawl in my bed and SLEEP. But seeing that this is my first show of the QUARTER, I might have to try hard. And I'm semi-excited to play nice music, anyway.

Look at me! I'm so caffeinated.

I almost wish I had the 2 to 4am timeslot again.

But I enjoy how my boyfriend's show is only 2 hours before mine. I actually managed to be there while he DJed. Too bad he won't witness me, EVER.

Now, let's go think in music.

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